You Talked, We Listened!!

We here at Joe Hog are happy to announce our new exciting eyeblack shape.  Many of our customers have told us that they love our eyeblacks but could they be more comfortable to wear.  We have been listening!  After months of extensive research we have come up with an even more comfortable shape.  New Shape, More Comfort, Same Amount of Fun!

Remember, our eyeblacks should be placed down on the cheek bone, not right under the eye and are for decorative use only.  They will not absorb or reflect light so Have Fun With It!!

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Just have fun with it!

Love wearing Joe Hog Eyeblacks but are confused about how to accessorize?  A flashing green light on your helmet is always a good choice.  Of course, I’m no fashion expert…..I’m just a rhino.


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You have got to try this at Mosaic

Take a look at the totally creepy tattoos we did for the Miorita Romanian Cultural Society for the Romanian Pavilion at Mosaic this year. You get your picture taken with Count Dracula and leave with a “temporary” vampire bite. This is something you need to check out next year . . . . . . spooky!

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Day of Pink

Day of Pink is the International Day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia and Transphobia in schools and communities. Celebrate diversity by wearing a pink shirt and by organizing activities in your workplace, organization, community or school. Rude Rhino may be Rude, Crude and Socially Unacceptable but he’s no Bully. Take a look at the great tattoo he made for The Canadian Red Cross. On April 10, 2013, what colour will you be wearing?

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More Roller Derby!

We’ve said it before but Rude Rhino can’t get enough Roller Derby.  All that pushing and shoving and questionable language…….And that’s just the fans!!  Check out the Tata’s (and their brand new Rude Rhino Temporary Tattoos) at  Even MORE fabulous ladies on wheels!!

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Okay, You Win, Just Don’t Hurt Me!!

Here is a game face that would make even Joe Hog step back!!  Way to go Natalie, sportin’ eyeblacks like a Boss!!!!!

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The Dragons are Coming!!

What could be better then a beautiful, hot, sunny Saskatchewan summer day.  The wind wafting off the water while you sit on the grass, sip a lemonade and enjoy this years Dragon Boat Festival.

Well, getting down and dirty and participating in all the fun might be better!

Either way, make sure you get your Dragon Eyeblacks before you set out for this spectacular event!  Whether you are rowing your heart out or just along for the ride, see our website for our full collection of Dragon Eyeblacks and be ready!

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Reason #439 to go with Rude Rhino Temporary Tattoos

What happens now that she has to cross this out and add One Direction?  Would have made a great TEMPORARY Tattoo!

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What a Game for the Stampeders!

Wow, what a game for the Stampeders on Thursday!! They were able to overcome the unbeaten (and Awesome) Saskatchewan Roughriders.  How did they do it?  Rude Rhino will bet his fuzzy little tail it was the Joe Hog Eyeblacks they started wearing.  Get your pair at the Stamps’Store

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Congratulations Saskatoon Hilltops!!

We here at Joe Hog would like to congratulate the Saskatoon Hilltops on winning the 2011 Canadian Bowl on November 14.  This is only their 15th National Championship!

Oh look!  Another team that dominates their sport while wearing JoeHog Eyeblacks . . . . . .Hmmmmm.

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