About Us

RudeRhino.com and JoeHog.com are subsidiaries of Optimax Management Inc.

As Rude Rhino, we have been providing custom temporary tattoos to companies, sports teams and anyone who has a brilliant idea for over 16 years.  Rude Rhino is best known for its quality tattoos, quick delivery, low pricing and great service.  Our customer base is diverse, from national products and companies to radio and TV station promotions.

Temporary tattoos are a great way to promote your business, product , event or idea.  A colourful tattoo can be created as “give-aways” or sold for profit.  Imagine a day in the sun where everyone is walking around promoting your company to the world.

Joe Hog is our newcomer and we are really excited about his work.  Eyeblacks are moving in to the stands so that fans can properly support their team.  We have provided eyeblacks to several teams including the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Winnipeg Bluebombers.  Eyeblacks are not just for football anymore.  Our clients also include Ringette teams, WHL hockey teams, ball teams, radio stations, various non-profit organizations etc….  Our Eyeblacks are a fun non-functional novelty and will not absorb or reflect light.

Although nothing can replace the big foam finger, eyeblacks are a new and exciting way to support your team!

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